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What is Seint Makeup?

Have you heard of Seint Makeup before? You might have seen this viral makeup brand on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook and think "What the heck is this makeup dotted all over their face?". Well, you're in the right place because I'm going to tell you ALL about it!

Seint Beauty is a cream makeup line developed by Makeup Artist, Cara Brook. Seint was designed with simplicity in mind for every step of your makeup routine. The beauty industry has become bombarded with so many products that it can leave the average woman feeling lost on where to start. If you're looking for an easy an gorgeous makeup routine that leaves you feeling beautiful and looking confident, then Seint Makeup is your answer.

A woman wearing Seint Makeup and text that reads "Hello, Gorgeous!.
A customized Seint Makeup palette with two Seint brushes.
Seint makeup Lip and Cheek swatches in pink and peach shades.
Custom Seint Makeup palette with assorted eyeshadows.
Woman using a Seint Makeup palette to apply makeup.

What makes Seint Makeup different?

Seint has such an innovative and natural approach to beauty that is not often seen in the industry. Seint Makeup has so many aspects that make it stand out from typical beauty brands and I'd love to share some of my favorites with you. 

The Makeup

One of the biggest stand out features of Seint Makeup is that the line is exclusively a cream formula. Cream makeup is the key to achieving a makeup routine that looks like it was done by a pro. You'll be able to master techniques that are usually thought of as too tricky because every product blends together seamlessly.


Some other amazing benefits of Seint's cream formula is that it is specially formulated for mature skin. This is because cream makeup continues to move with the skin throughout your wear. It won't settle into fine lines, crack or accentuate wrinkles. The coverage is also 35% higher than typical makeup brands so you'll be able to use less product to achieve your desired look.

Swatches of Seint makeup highlight shades.
A custom Seint makeup palette.

The Palette

The genius behind Seint Makeup is the completely customizable palette! The palettes are designed with a magnetic base and come to you empty, ready to build in the exact way and with the exact products you want. All you have to do is pop your tins in your palette and you're ready to go.


This allows you to carry your entire makeup routine in a single compact. With Seint Makeup, you'll never find yourself digging through a messy makeup bag again. Or buying a big premade palette and only using one or two of the shades. Everything you need and nothing you don't – IIID Foundation, Contour Lip+Cheek, Illuminator, Bronzer, etc. all in one convenient place! 

A custom Seint Makeup palette.
A custom Seint Makeup palette.

The Method

Seint Beauty’s revolutionary cream makeup incorporates a method of highlighting and contouring that allows women to use less product and spend less time applying their makeup. Instead of applying a single shade of foundation all over your face that takes away your natural dimension, and then going back in with layers of other products like concealer and contour, we now simply apply all of our shades that make up our IIID Foundation in a single layer and blend together.


Seint’s cream-based IIID Foundation is made up of four products: Main Highlight, Brightening Highlight, Contour, and Lip+Cheek. Each shade is applied to the face in a specific place, like a paint-by-numbers. You then just blend it out for a seamless finish. Not only will this give you a natural, dewy glow with great coverage, but this cream-based makeup will also look like a second skin, allowing your own beauty to shine through. 

Before and after of Seint Artist Laura Keating with Seint makeup applied in dots and then blended..
Seint color match face chart showing placement of contour, main highlight, brightening highlight, Lip + Cheek, and Iluminator.

Are you ready to build your own custom Seint Makeup palette?

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