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Top Seint Artist Laura Keating with Seint Artist Team in background.

Learn More About The Seint Artist Program

Starting a business isn't for everyone. It Takes dedication, drive and consistency to be successful. You have to be willing to put in the work to see results. But here's the good news, you won't be going at it alone. When you join my team, True North Collective, you'll have me as your mentor and coach, a group of inspiring women to lean on for advice and encouragement, and access to the companies top performers for training, resources, and guidance. Everything you need to succeed is waiting for you!

Choosing Your Artist To Sign With

This will be the biggest decision you have to make, so take some time to think about it. The reason this decision carries so much weight is because the artist you sign with becomes your mentor, coach and upline. They are literally being compensated to help you succeed in this business. Your success is not completely dependent on your upline but they will have a big impact on your experience.


The best advice I can offer is to find an artist you vibe with, admire and are inspired by. Look at the way they post their content, showcase the product and interact with you. If you think we would be a good fit I would love to have a call with you and talk about the possibility of joining my team!  Apply to work with me HERE and we'll set up a call.

Enrolling As An Artist

How do you enroll as an Artist? Connect with your mentor and they will walk you through this. They will send you a link to enroll under their name. Once you select your Artist Kit you will create your artist account. The Artist Kit is the only sign up expense to become an artist. You have the option of a Basic Kit or a Pro Kit. Choose the kit that is right for you!


I'm dedicated to my business, determined to succeed and I love to help others. I'm a very straight shooter, I tell it like it is and I'm encouraging as hell! I want my team to soar with me, not under me. If you think we might be a good fit and want to chat, just send me a message and I'll give you a call. If you don't think I'm your cup of tea, I would still love to help you find the right mentor for you. Send me a message and ask me for some recommendations or hop on Instgram and look around. Don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings. I truly want you to love this business as much as I do.

Basic Artist Kit - $315 CAD | $225 USD

Screenshot 2021-02-21 at 4.12.27 AM.png

The Basic Artist Kit comes with many of the products to get you started. The products in the kit are pre-selected so you won't get to choose your items. The wide selection allows you to experience many of the products you will be selling.




  • 2 IIID Palette 4

  • 1 IIID Palette 12

  • 2 Brushes

  • 1 Perfector Sponge

  • 19 IIID Foundation Singles

Pro Artist Kit - $630 CAD | $450 USD

Screenshot 2021-02-21 at 4.27.02 AM.png

The Pro Artist Kit comes with tons of products to get you started. The products in the kit are pre-selected so you won't get to choose your items. The wide selection allows you to experience many of the products you will be selling. The Pro Kit comes with all highligjht and contour shades making this kit perfect for Makeup Artists.




  • 1 IIID Palette 18

  • 1 IIID Palette 12

  • 2 IIID Palette 4

  • 6 Brushes

  • 1 Milk Creme

  • 1 Perfector

  • 12 Eyeshadows

  • 23 IIID Foundation Singles


You found your Seint Sister, chose your kit, and you're all signed up! 


Now what? Well, it's time to get into the details. There will be a lot of information coming your way but don't worry, I'm here to help with everything so you won't get overwhelmed. 


First things first, how do you get paid? 


We are paid every Friday and on the 10th of every month. Your  commissions from the previous week are paid on the Friday and your  bonuses from the previous month are paid on the 10th.


Want to take an in-depth look at the compensation plan?

You can find it here! 


You can find the Income Disclosure Statement here!


What is the commission break down? 



If the commission rates are a little confusing to you,  don't worry! Remember, I am here for you! 


The first thing I like to do with my girls is schedule a  Zoom call to go through everything. This will give you  a  chance to ask all the questions you can think of. I  walk you through setting up your business, explaining  the commissions, what the back office of your website  is and how it works, trainings, colour matching, apps,  and more! 


This call is my way of supporting you to come out of  the gates running! Plus, we'll get to know each other  better! 


As a Seint Artist, you have access to endless amounts of training and resources. There are basic trainings available for when you first start and more intense training available as you progress with your business. Leaders in Seint, like myself, are continually pouring into our artists all the tips, tricks, and business activities we know are sure to make you successful.


The resources available to you are absolutely amazing! Here is what you can expect from

myself and Seint...


  • Multiple private Facebook groups with information on everything "SEINT".

  • One on one training for colour matching.

  • Business training from Seint.

  • Private Zoom calls with me for your on-boarding process.

  • Access to TWO Seint Apps for training and business resources.

  • Full back office with all of your customer information available and organized.

  • Live team calls and training on new topics every month/week.

  • Access to me, as your mentor, for any one on one training you need for back office, commission explanation, app assistance, colour matching, sales training, team building etc.

  • Ready made graphics and promotional materials.

Finally, are there any minimum sales requirements, auto-shipments, or stock requirements to  maintain your status as an Artist? 


"NO" to all! 


The only requirements to be an Artist are purchasing your kit and paying the monthly fee for  your replicated website and back office setup. This fee is $15.95 CAD and $12.95 USD. 


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