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Seint Makeup palette labeled with Main Highlight, Brightening Highlight, Nude Lip + Cheek, Frenchie Lip + Cheek, Contour Shade, and Sadie Gloss.

Color Match

Getting your color match for Seint Makeup is a MUST to make sure you're getting your perfect shades when you order. Having the right shades, especially when it comes to highlight and contour, will have a huge impact on your experience.

Getting your color match is super quick and easy. Just fill out the color match form by answering a few questions and submitting a makeup free selfie. If you don't have time to take a selfie, you can choose to fill out the color match quiz instead to get your shades.

Everything you need to know about your
Seint Color Match!

How to take a Seint Color Match Selfie
Seint Makeup placement diagram

Why get your color match from Laura Keating?

Who you get your color match from is actually very important. Your color match is only as good as the Seint Artist matching you. I have matched over 2000 women in the last two years virtually. Not only that, I do multiple in person color matches a week so I actually get to see how the shades look on many different skin tones. I am a Top Seint Artist and Top leader that mentors other artists on how to perform expert color matches, as well. I can guarantee that you will get your perfect shade match from me!

Seint Makeup Palette 3D Foundation Cream Makeup System Contour, Brightening Shade, Main Shade, Lip+Cheek
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