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Want to earn free Seint makeup? Here are 4 ways to get some goodies!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Free makeup! Need I say more? I'm pretty sure this is the easiest question you'll answer all day. But here's a question to think on a little longer; which way is right for you? There are 4 ways to earn free makeup with Seint, so let's dive in.

Personal Rewards Link

You've tried the makeup, love it and can't get enough of it! Why not treat yourself to some free goodies every now and then while you're restocking your palette anyways? It only makes sense, right? Right! I will set you up with your personal link that will track your orders and give you rewards to shop with when you're ready.

Obtain An Affiliate Link

So, you're telling me you don't just love the makeup, you're obsessed! Well, let's get you on the fast track to getting all your favorite products for free. If you're looking to up your rewards game and share the products you can't live without, the affiliate link is for you. When you share your obsession with your girls and pass on your link you'll earn rewards to shop your favorite products at super speed.

Host A Party

If you're new to Seint makeup but think it might be worth sharing, hosting a party is for you. Everything in our lives is going virtual so why not a party? When you host a party with me you can think of it as more of a makeup class. My goal is not to pressure anyone into buying. It's actually to educate you and your guests on what products and techniques will help you showcase your true beauty. I love helping women feel like their gorgeous selves and what could be more fun than a girl's night playing with makeup? If you're looking to learn, laugh and end the night with some free products, let's have a party!

Become An Artist

Your final option (and my personal favorite) is becoming an artist. Is your passion for Seint more than just makeup? Are these products so good you can't help but share with everyone? Wouldn't it be amazing to get free makeup and an income from sharing what you love? If your answers are yes, it might be time to take a look at the Seint Artist Opportunity. When you become a Seint Artist you gain so much more than just a "job". You get a career you love, an income without limits, and a community of amazing women to support you (just to name a few)!

Take some time to really think about which option is best for you. When you decide how you want to earn your free makeup, let me know!

I Want A Link

I Love Parties

Tell Me About The Artist Program

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