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The Breakdown Of Seint Makeup Brushes

Seint Beauty brushes are all high quality, cruetly free and dual-ended. Seint has quite the collection of brushes to choose from so you might be wondering which one is perfect for you. I'm going to break down everything you need to know about Seint brushes to make your choice as easy as possible.

Your perfect brush combo will depend on the amount of coverage you prefer. It's important to get at least one brush as our brushes are made specifically for our cream makeup. If you are using brushes that are made for powder or liquid makeup with cream products you won't be able to achieve the flawless finish you're hoping for.

Blend Brush

The Blend Brush is perfect for those looking for light coverage. This brush will give you a super soft, natural finish with the larger end and the smaller end is great for getting those smaller areas like around the eyes.

Blush + Bronzer Brush

This brush is one of the most diverse brushes and probably my favorite. As the name suggests, it's perfect for blush (smaller end) and bronzer (bigger end). The smaller end of this brush is also great for light to medium coverage. The larger end is my secret tool for getting a perfect overall airbrushed blend. The blush + bronzer brush also comes in a bundle with a bronzer shade of your choice under the collections tab and you save a little money!

IIID Brush

This is easily the best brush if you want to get just one. It can achieve most looks all by itself and will give you light to medium coverage. Be sure to grab the brush cleanser if you get this brush so you don't mix your shades.

Buff Brush

If you are looking for full coverage this is the brush for you. It has two dome shaped, very dense ends. One end is smaller than the other to help work around areas like the eyes. The larger end is great for quickly applying and blending the rest of the face. If this is the brush for you, I suggest also adding on the Blush + Bronzer Brush.

Detail Brush

This brush is great for those new to contouring or just love having a brush dedicated to contouring alone. The bigger end is perfectly shaped to snug up to your cheekbones and the smaller end is great for finer details like nose contouring.

Powder Brush

The Powder Brush is perfect for applying setting powder to your whole face. The bigger round end is best for large aread of your face that require more powder like your cheeks, forehead and around your mouth. The smaller "paw" end is best for areas that require minimal powder like around your eyes. Check out our collections for this brush paired with the Vanilla Setting Dust and save some money!

Now that you know all about how our Seint Brushes work and what they are best for, what brush combo is best for you?

If you still need help choosing, reach out to me! I would be more than happy to help!

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