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New To Seint? Start Here!

Hi Babe!! I'm so excited to walk you through your new makeup routine with Seint! This will be the best makeup experience of your life and I'm here to ensure you feel confident every step of the way 🥰

In this post I'm going to give you my best tips + tools for beginners, common mistakes to avoid, and how to get your makeup to last all day.

Tips + Tools For Beginners

1. One of the best tools for beginners is the diagram below showing where each product is placed.

Remember that each of your products (brightening highlight, main highlight and contour) is placed in a single layer and then blended together seamlessly for your base. Other products like blush, bronzer, and illuminator are applied and blended after your base is blended out.

2. The type of coverage you want can be achieved based on the brush you use and amount of product. Here's a quick overview of the brushes and what coverage they offer. Our cream makeup is extremely buildable so you can always add a little more to get extra coverage where you want it.

Light Coverage: Blend Brush, Shape Brush, Blush + Bronzer Brush.

Medium Coverage: Blush + Bronzer Brush, IIID Brush, Detail Brush, Powder Brush.

Full Coverage: Powder Brush, Buff Brush.

3. If you are using only one or two brushes, like most of us do to start out, remember to blend your makeup from your lightest shade to your darkest shade. This will look something like Brightening Highlight, Main Highlight, Contour. This will help keep your lighter shades from looking muddy.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Here are the 5 most common mistakes I and other newbies made when trying Seint for the first time.

1. Using too much product: Cream makeup goes a long way so don't be afraid to start off with less than you think you need. If your makeup feels greasy or heavy this is a sign you are using too much product. Try dotting on your makeup and then blending it out to get a good idea of how much product looks right to you.

2. Swiping When Blending: If you are finding the finish of your makeup is streaky it's most likely because you are swiping to blend or using too much pressure when blending. Try using a lighter hand and a tapping or stippling motion to blend.

3. Over Blending: Cream makeup is VERY blendable which is what makes it so user friendly, but it can also be what causes your makeup to lack definition. If you're finding your contour and brightening shades are not very noticeable it's most likely due to over blending. Try to avoid sweeping your brush all over your whole face like we use to do with powder makeup and instead just blend each section on its own.

4. Contour Placed Too Low: Most of us remember the technique of sucking in your cheeks to place your contour. This is actually going to make our face look saggy instead of lifted. To avoid this just place your contour on the underside of your cheekbone. I like to feel for the highest point of my cheekbone and then place my contour just below that so it hugs the bone.

5. Makeup "Slipping": Some women experience their makeup not being able to stay on their face and slipping around. This is due to using moisturizers or primers with silicone in them prior to applying your makeup. Just avoid any productes with a silicone base and your makeup will be fine!

Getting Your Makeup To Last All Day

The key to getting your makeup to last all day is to prep before you apply and to set after you are done. Depending on your skin type preping and setting will look different. Here's your guide below...

1. Dry Skin

Prep: Moisturize your skin about 10-15 minutes before you apply your makeup.

Set: Set with a setting spray. Seint Stay Spray is a great option.

2. Balanced Skin

Prep: Moisturize your skin about 30-60 minutes before you apply your makeup. Prime your skin with tacky primer like E.L.F. Power Grip Primer.

Set: Set with a translucent powder or with a setting spray. Seint Vanilla Dust Setting Powder and Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray are great options.

3. Oily Skin

Prep: Do not moisturize your skin at all prior to applying your makeup. Use a mattifying primer or SPF to prime your skin. Supergoo SPF is a great option.

Set: Use a translucent setting powder AND matte setting spray. Seint Vanilla Dust Setting Powder and Urban Decay All Nighter Ultra Matte Setting Spray are great options.

4. Combination Skin

Follow the above guidelines for each specific part of your face.


I hope that these tips help your new makeup routine to start as smoothly as possible. As always, I am here for any help needed! Please reach out to me with any and all questions, comments, concerns, and feedback. Text me at 1-833-255-8231

Laura Keating

The Basic Babe


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