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Applying The Perfect Makeup For a Casino

Photo Credit: Ruth Ellison, Pre-wedding make-up, CC BY 2.0

There are several reasons why women like to wear makeup. The obvious ones are to

make the wearer feel confident, to make an impression, or to accentuate certain

features. Then there is makeup for special occasions. For example, going full gothic

for Halloween or imitating fashion magazines for a wedding or a special party. But

it's also worth remembering actors and actresses wear makeup when playing

different roles on TV, in plays, or in movies. In that instance, makeup is used to help

play a role, and applied correctly can help disguise certain features. It is this latter

purpose that makes makeup an important part of the poker player's arsenal in a


When sat around a busy table surrounded by high rollers, weekend players, or

adrenaline junkies, good players learn to read an opponent's body language while

simultaneously disguising their true feelings, hence the term poker face. A critical tip

that helps you win at poker is not to get bluffed, proving that misdirection is a key

weapon in a poker player's arsenal. If you're heading to a casino to be dealt into

some hands, makeup can help you get ahead as it hides parts of your natural face

and draws attention away from other parts of your body and features.

Therefore before a night in a casino, it is important to consider these makeup tips.

Be Bold

Casinos are glamourous places where the scent of money, and lots of it, permeates

the plush carpets to the well-furnished gaming rooms, so it pays to dress the part. To

blend in with your surroundings, don't stint on your colors. Go heavy on the smoky

eyeshadow and use a highlighter to make that impression you are at one with your

surroundings. While bold eyelashes are all the rage, don't be afraid to lay on that

foundation. You could seek to channel your inner Kim Kardashian, a woman

completely at ease in luxurious surroundings.

Be Bright

Black and white are colors for Apple launch parties or the chessboard. For casinos,

it's about being brash, so going all-in bright red lipstick, perhaps with some added

gloss, is a good look. And don't be afraid to add some sparkle to your aesthetic, for

example, by adding glitter to your eyelids. Whilst people are focused on you, they

are less worried about the cards you have in front of you at the poker table. Top it all

off with a stylish black dress and a branded handbag that makes you feel like a

million dollars.

Different Effects

Makeup is part of the player, as is the outfit you wear, so a lot of thought goes into

bringing it all together. For example, an icy silver smoky eye with a sequin dress

combines the glamor of a Las Vegas showgirl with the steely determination of

someone who knows their way around the table. Alternatively, create the impression

of an all-seeing, all-knowing player by using a halo eye makeup technique to make

your eyes appear bigger - eyes that can look deep into an opponent's soul and read if

they're bluffing or not!

By following our makeup tips and combining them with your favorite power outfits,

you will approach the table oozing confidence and ready for the cards to fall your


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