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Custom Makeup Classes

Let me teach you how to do your own DIY Pro Makeup!


My ultimate goal for your custom class is to teach you the skills to feel confident in your makeup application.


Whether you have a specific look in mind or just want to learn the basics of everyday makeup, I will help you rock your makeup routine!


Feel free to come solo or get together with your girlfriends, sisters or daughters for a girl's makeup night in!


You might have some teenagers in your life that are starting to discover makeup. Let's get them going on the right path with the basics for teens. A natural look that enhances their features but doesn't age them too much.


With my classes and use of my preferred products, I know you will be able to glam up exactly how you want.


Custom Class

The custom class is just what it sounds like; a makeup class designed to teach you exactly what you want to know. This class can be one-on-one or a group class with your girlfriends, family or teenagers.


What's Included

  • Personalized makeup lesson and application by Laura. This will be a full application including base, contour, eyeshadow, etc. All product is supplied for you.

  • Custom colour match.

  • Shade swatches for lip, blush, eyeshadow, etc.

  • One-on-one and group classes available.

  • As always, any extra help to make you feel comfortable and confident will be available.

  • Answer any and all questions!



$50 Per Person

This fee is waived with the purchase of $125 of Seint makeup (before taxes).

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