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Bridal Makeup Classes

My ultimate goal for you and your bridal party is to master the skills you need to achieve your perfect makeup application. No one knows your face and style like you do!


Throughout your wedding experience, you will have many events to attend. I want you to feel confident knowing you can achieve a professional makeup look without having to hire a makeup artist every time.


Through my classes and use of my preferred products, I know you will be able to glam up exactly how you want to for your special day.



Each package includes classes prior to your wedding, full bridal makeup collection & brushes. The package price is dependent on the products you choose to include. Everything can be completely customized to you.


First Class

  • Personalized makeup lesson and application by Laura. This will be a full application including base, eyeshadow, lashes, etc. All product is supplied for you.

  • Custom colour match.

  • Shade swatches for lip, blush, eyeshadow, etc.

  • Product and tool order placed.

  • Answer any and all questions!


Package 1

$270 - $450+ Per Person

This package includes 2 complimentary classes and your full set of bridal makeup and brushes.


Subsequent Classes

  • Guided lesson led by Laura after your makeup order has arrived. We're putting your new skills into action for this class! You will be applying your own makeup with instruction and guidance.

  • One-on-one and group guidance.

  • As always, any extra help to make you feel comfortable and confident will be available.


Package 2

$370 - $550+ Per Person 

This package includes 4 classes and your full set of bridal makeup and brushes. 2 of the classes are complimentary and 2 classes are priced at $50 each, included in the price listed above.


Individual Class Add-On

$65 Per Person, Per Class

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